Welcome to Kehillat Ohel Moed.

Kehilla means community. (When written as part of a name it gains that "t" at the end.)

Our Kehilla supports a Torah based understanding of what it means to be בני ישראל Children of Israel; those who work to be upright with God and humankind. 

As part of this presence, we regularly update this website with thoughtful messages, information and resources.

In mid.2011, the rabbi of our Kehilla made residence in Israel.  From there he continues to serve the Kehilla through electronic communication including live Skype work meetings.  He is also regularly in the US. 

Rabbi Magidovitch provides advisory support for members and friends of Kehillat Ohel Moed in all aspects of their personal and business life throughYosef Meged Consulting.  Please explore that service through this link: Yosef Meged Consulting. 

The values of the Kehilla remain constant. (see About Us page) We look forward to an ongoing relationship with all the members of the Kehilla. 

We are an independent kehilla, not affiliated with any political or religious movement. ​

Kehillat Ohel Moed encourages its members to be active in their local civic and faith communities.

Kehillat Ohel Moed קהילת אוהל מועד
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We are approaching the High Holy Days (Erev Rosh Hashanah is Oct 2) and a singular note of the shofar says it all: offer our best