The Matan BeSeter project  ..  hidden giving project. 

UPDATE: July 6, 2014 .. our Advisory Board is now working on restructuring this project.  As soon as possible we will have an "up and running" program and will announce that on our Facebook page and in emails.  

In matan beseter giver does not know receiver and receiver does not know giver and both giver and receiver are in the shefah flow of  beracha blessing.

Members of our Kehilla are experiencing hardship on many levels. These members of Kehillat Ohel Moed are in need of food, clothing, or money to pay the bills. 

They turn to us.  

Other members help to fill those needs in a way that maintains dignity and anonymity.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are in need of assistance, please write me at my private email to let me know the specifics of your need. Your identity will remain strictly confidential. 

Once we are made aware of the needs within our Kehilla, w will post a list of needs within the Kehilla so that members of our Kehilla can meet these needs.


Rabbi Jonathan Yosef Meged

Matan Beseter מתן בסתר
Kehillat Ohel Moed קהילת אוהל מועד