Dear Members of Kehillat Ohel Moed,

Mezam Parnasa is a means of supporting the material well being of the members of Kehillat Ohel Moed by all of us turning to each other for sale and purchase of skills, services, and products.

In this project members of the kehilla with skills, services and products to offer can send in a description including contact information and if the offering is site specific or for example can be provided via the internet to any location.  

We will post those offerings appropriate to the community here, and in this manner, provider and purchaser both profit from this exchange and both are in the shefah flow of beracha blessing.  

Every member of the kehilla is welcome to participate in this exchange.

An important reminder is that even though this introduction comes through the Kehilla, it is advisable that each provider and purchaser get to know each other well enough to understand if the other is a person with whom they want to work. 

Below are offerings currently available. 
Yosef Meged

Mezam Parnasa מיזם פרנסה:  material well being
Mizam Parnasa Offerings: 
these offerings are still in the prior format.  Over the next few months we will transfer to the new format where you will be able to contact providers directly.  

In the meantime, if you need these services or are looking for other services or would like to add your service to this list, be in touch with Yosef Meged: 

Arbitration and Mediation

Mediators in private practice, male and female.

Art and Craft

Acting coach


Attorney Lawyer

Attorney with general practice.

Attorney specializing in health care.

Attorney specializing in matrimonial law, criminal law and traffic matters.


Makeup artist.

Avon representative.

Consignment Sales

Memorabilia sales on consignment.


Meeting planning services.

Marketing, branding and strategic consulting.


A Pampered Chef representative can provide information if anyone in Kehillat Ohel Moed would like to learn more about hosting a Pampered Chef hands on cooking class/show. This is an excellent way for people to host a great holiday party for Chanuka or buy a gift for someone who loves to cook.


Naprapath with Oak Park office.

Psychologist specializing in children and families.

Household Services

Professional Painting, Residential (Interior and Exterior) and Commercial


Information Technology (IT)

Search Engine Optimization SEO


Review current life insurance policies and their needs for coverage.   Health insurance options.  Assist in handling health insurance claims.  Retirement income options.  Answers questions regarding life or health insurance. 

Interior Design

Interior designer in residential settings.


My business is primarily a corporate investigations and information services firm. This is a very broad industry, so we service many elements of the marketplace. Here are the largest market segments we service

Corporations: Pre-employment background checks, fraud and theft investigations, business due diligence- national and international, vendor screening, competitive intelligence, corporate security consulting

Pre-employment screening website.

Law Firms & Title Companies: Public records research and document retrieval, service of process, witness locates and statements, background investigations, criminal defense and civil litigation investigations, asset & bank account searches.

Banks & lenders: Business Due Diligence, Compliance based background investigations- national and international, public records research & retrieval, title and real estate searches, market and competitive intelligence. 

Individuals: Individual background checks and private investigations.

Martial Arts

Kung Fu teacher.  Lake Forest studio. 


Consulting on CME (Continuing Medical Education) programs


Soloist for weddings, bnai mitzvah services, birthday and anniversary parties with background in prayer music and secular music.  


Photographing a wide variety of subjects including weddings, B'nai mitzvahs, portraits, sports action , events, plays, musicals, offices, and most of all families.  I can offer my photographic services in the Matan BeSeter project for those people who want to record a happy occasion but can't afford to pay for the services of a professional photographer.

Photo sessions for women battling breast and ovarian cancer. In this manner, nurturing women in the midst of treatment, or after treatment, and celebrating beauty of all types. 

Glamour photography.

Real Estate

Commercial real estate, development.


Illinois certified reading and writing specialist.  Middle school and high school. 

Illinois certified.  Preschool through elementary.

Certified, experienced K through 3 and special education. 

Social Studies and Reading  grades K-8  certification in Special Ed-EMH, also known as Special Needs. 

Tutoring (social sciences, writing, reading skills) college level

Kehillat Ohel Moed קהילת אוהל מועד