Kehillat Ohel Moed was founded on the Holy Days of 5771, 2010.  

We are committed to the reading of Torah as if we are reading it for the first time.  

We are committed to learning Hebrew because that brings us first hand to the Torah rather than relying on translation.  

We are committed to human freedom.  Our Torah and our life present us with choices and we make those choices daily from the place of freedom.

We are committed to choosing life and acting in ways that support and build life for ourselves, our family and our community.

We are committed to members helping members in need through our Matan Beseter program of hidden giving.  Members in need ask for help with full confidentiality and other members meet those needs and neither giver nor receiver knows the identity of the other. 

We are committed to turning to the members of our kehilla when we want to hire someone to do work for us or when we have skills we want to offer.  We structure this matching of paid services through our program called Mezam Parnasa.

About Us
Kehillat Ohel Moed קהילת אוהל מועד